This place has the best Chicago style hot dogs in Rockford my family loves them

Ronda Smith

As a Rockford native, I've tried them all. This is right up at the top. I like the fact that their parking was good for their location. The prices were reasonable and they give you a TON of gyro meat. The staff was super friendly. One huge thing, and I can't say this about Rockfords other favorite gyro place, is that its CLEAN here. Unlike that other popular Rockford establishment, I wasn't worried about contracting some kind of illness just by walking in the door. This is a solid gyro but nothing jumps out at me as being different and that's not necessarily a bad thing. This is a cleaner alternitive to other places in Rockford. It would be neat if they put their own twist on the gyro. This goes for all the other places too though I guess. Oh, and if you get a kid's meal here they aren't shy with the french fries LOL. Hope they succeed!

Adam Nelson

Good food. They give you a lot of food for your money.

Ted Altenburg

Good food

Chrystal Williams

Super clean...Friendly staff...Decent prices..Special requests done with a smile...and they don't skimp on portion sizes...They have great daily specials, just ask...If you've been wondering about trying it out...totally worth your time and gas money...Oh! And the gyros are outstanding!

Cathleen Kerby

Been here a few times for lunch, tried a few different meals. Loved the Cajun chicken and the phillysteak. Curly fries are excellent. bonus updates to large fries/soda for $1. This will be a regular lunch spot for me

Mike Isperov

A must go reasonable prices and awesome customer service.

Keepin it Hilarious

New restaurant, so they're still working out some kinks, but the food is good, the portions generous and the prices fair. Been there twice already. (They can thank the other new place just up the street that is continually out of food.) First trip I had the gyro salad. It was actually big enough to make a second meal - which rarely happens with me. I only wish they had offered Tzatziki sauce instead of salad dressing and left out the olives. Second trip I had the Gyro burger, though its really a gyro sandwich on a bun instead of in a pita - a pile of gyro shavings with burger toppings, not a meat patty as one would think. The fish & chips were decent, but clearly from a box. They slightly messed up the order and there were no napkins, ketchup or salt on the tables, but its good food and a good value. So I can guarantee I'll be back.

George S

I ordered the gyro and pizza puff. Gyro was good. Not overly greasy or too salty. Normally I go to uncle nicks for gyros but stopped over the last year or so. The gyro sauce there doesn't have any flavor anymore. The sauce here is great. Looking forward to trying other items on the menu.


Uncle Nicks has a run for their money... the gyros were delicious! The staff were very nice and accommodating. I will be back.